The management approach of Çokyaşar Rope, Wire Production and Galvanization Incorporated is based on the social responsibility of ensuring health and safety for employees, prevention of adverse effects on the environment, implementation of efficient and high quality production, and achievement of customer satisfaction.

In respect to these goals and principles, Çokyaşar Rope, Wire Production and Galvanization Incorporated undertakes the following:

Providing transparency in our operations for our stakeholders; fulfilling and constantly improving the fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and TS 18001 standards with full participation of our employees whose awareness we continuously raise,

Prioritizing sustainable customer satisfaction and offering reliable services and products,

Ceaselessly improving our work by basing our operations on compliance with national and international legal regulations and standards,

Having utmost respect for human life and the environment through use of materials and technologies that do not upset the ecological balance,

Reducing waste, protecting natural resources, maintaining energy efficiency and using resources effectively throughout our operations,

Forming a corporate culture that accommodates constant development through cooperation and feedback by providing training for all employees, suppliers and subcontractors as per our social responsibility approach,

Ensuring that all our employees participate in implementation of management systems and raising their awareness in order to reduce the risks related to Occupational Health and Safety, Information Assets and Operations as well as reducing work accidents,

Measuring the process performances of information assets and improving the management of these continuously as per the principles of Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility.

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