Çokyaşar Rope, Wire Production and Galvanization Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “Çokyaşar Rope Incorporated”) has adopted the principle of maintaining the privacy of the visitors to its website. Çokyaşar Rope Incorporated does not sell, lease or make available the names, electronic mail addresses, work and home addresses, phone numbers and other personal information that are submitted by visitors via the forms on the website to third parties under any circumstances.

Personal information can only be accessed by the authorized personnel of Çokyaşar Rope Incorporated and our third party representatives who have undertaken to keep such information confidential. Çokyaşar Rope Incorporated can use the personal information and the statistical data that may be acquired from this information to improve its website and to generally collect more data on its consumers. All rights to such statistical data belong to Çokyaşar Rope Incorporated.

Çokyaşar Rope Incorporated does not provide any guarantees on the privacy policies of third party websites you may access through the links on this website. Therefore, we recommend that you assess the confidentiality approach of the websites you visit before submitting any information that can be defined as personal.

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Çokyaşar RopeIncorporated reserves its right to change its Privacy Policy, remove some parts of the policy or add new parts to the policy at its own discretion.

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